How to Find a Cabinet Maker

Custom cabinets for your home are a significant investment, and you don’t want to trust the job to just anyone. When you’re looking for a custom cabinet maker in Fairfax VA, the choices might seem overwhelming. It can be difficult to know what things to look for and which questions to ask if you’ve never worked with a cabinet maker before. Here are three steps you should take when you’re just beginning your custom built-in cabinetry journey.

Ask the right questions.

It pays to do your homework once you’ve found a custom cabinet maker in Fairfax VA that seems promising. Ask to see examples of their work, both recent and from a few years ago. Ask which materials will be used and whether they are doing their own finishing. Many cabinet makers have the most experience with kitchen cabinets, so if you are looking for custom TV cabinets or built-in office cabinets, make sure that they have the expertise for these rarer jobs.

Look for quality customer service.

The right cabinet maker should be excited to talk to you about custom built-in cabinetry and proud to show you examples of their work. Their customer service should speak for itself in testimonials from past satisfied clients.

Be involved in the design process.

A good custom cabinet maker in Fairfax VA should involve you in every step of the design process from the beginning to the final product. At The Old Dominion Cabinet Maker, we provide free 3D renderings of the designs for your custom built cabinets, giving you a realistic and accurate visualization of your project.

Whether you want custom TV cabinets, built-in office cabinets, or kitchen cabinets, following these steps will lead you to a high-quality cabinet maker with a record you can trust. Contact us to start your project today.